How Is ApartmentGrade Different from Other Apartment Rating Sites?

There are a lot of apartment rating websites out there, but is a whole new type of online apartment guide. We’re dedicated to bringing you objective and accurate apartment ratings and reviews.

The Past: Biased Reviews

Most apartment rating websites offer either only unsubstantiated reviews by anonymous renters or biased descriptions by apartment community owners. In other words, other sites take a one-sided view of apartment ratings. For that reason, it’s nearly impossible to get an accurate and well rounded picture of a potential rental from these sites. You never know for sure whether your impression of a complex is being tainted by the angry gripes of disgruntled renters or the glowing marketing copy of building owners. Either way, you’re getting a limited view of the rentals you’re considering.

When you’re looking for information about what it will really be like to live in a particular rental community, you want to know what current residents think of the building, but other websites generally give you only the point of view of a few anonymous renters. ApartmentGrade is a completely new and different type of apartment rating website.

Now: ApartmentGrade’s Objective Apartment Ratings

ApartmentGrade is determined to change the face of the online apartment guide. We bring you objective apartment ratings based on professional and statistically relevant surveys of current residents. Our apartment ratings are based on information and opinions collected by unbiased third-party experts. The ratings you see that take into account what really matters in a rental community, like maintenance, leasing and management staff, the condition of the building, and more. Our ratings are also based on the question you’d ask a current resident if you had the chance: would you recommend this apartment community to your friends? With ApartmentGrade, you see the whole picture of life in a particular community from a trustworthy source; you’ll always know that you’re getting the real scoop.

Our Research Partner

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SatisFacts , an independent third-party resident satisfaction survey firm, is ApartmentGrade's recommended service provider.

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