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If you’re looking for an easy and quick way to find a truly great Ann Arbor apartment, you’ve discovered it at We bring you listings of Ann Arbor apartments available for rent alongside apartment ratings that show you just what it’s like to live in those apartments.<p><h2>How We Rate Ann Arbor Apartments</h2><p>Our apartment ratings come from comprehensive surveys of current renters. Third-party, objective professionals get answers from existing apartment residents about a range of important issues when it comes to satisfactorily living in apartments, from maintenance responsiveness to the ease of the leasing process. The very best way to learn about apartments you’re considering is to get the real scoop from the people who live there, and that’s exactly what ApartmentGrade gives you. We compile this survey data about various apartments in Ann Arbor into ratings of 1-to-5 stars, with 5 being the highest satisfaction level, to make it easy for you to get a one-glance understanding of each Ann Arbor rental community and its apartments. ApartmentGrade is your source for apartment ratings you can trust. Start your search now to find the best Ann Arbor apartments.<p><h2>Why Are ApartmentGrade’s Apartment Ratings Better? </h2><p>Our ratings of Ann Arbor apartments are based on data provided by professional, third-party surveyors, making our ratings accurate and objective. Comprehensive surveys are filled out by current residents and their opinions are compiled into statistically relevant ratings. We translate this data into 1-to-5 star ratings of apartments, with a higher star count indicating higher resident satisfaction levels. This painstaking process means that our apartment ratings are always trustworthy, giving a real overview of Ann Arbor apartments. <p>What you won’t find on ApartmentGrade is biased marketing material about apartments that has been posted by property owners or managers. ApartmentGrade’s Ann Arbor apartment ratings also steer clear of the anonymous reviews you’ll find on so many other websites that purport to rate apartments. When you base your decision on unsubstantiated apartment reviews like those you’ll find elsewhere, you never know whether the experience being described really reflects how most tenants feel about their apartments and you can’t even know for sure that the person writing the review ever lived in the complex! Apartment ratings like these can unfairly tarnish the reputation of a community and give you an impression that doesn’t reflect the reality of its apartments. It’s important to get trustworthy information on apartments, like the ratings you find on ApartmentGrade, to ensure that you’re making an informed decision about your new rental. <p><h2>What Do Our Reviews of Ann Arbor Apartments Reflect?</h2><p>To make our ratings of apartments for rent in Ann Arbor truly relevant and useful, we take into consideration the factors that matter most when it comes to selecting an apartment. Some of those important issues are: maintenance of the apartments, the quality of management, the leasing process, and the building’s general condition. Perhaps most importantly, we consider the overall satisfaction level of apartment residents. If most of the people currently living in a community are happy with their experiences, it’s a great recommendation in that community’s favor. <p><h2>Narrow Down Your Choice of Ann Arbor Apartments </h2><p>ApartmentGrade allows you to search for Ann Arbor apartments according to your specific needs and priorities. In fact, finding the ideal apartment can be extremely simple with the advanced search options we offer. ApartmentGrade allows you to sort through available apartments in your target location easily. With ApartmentGrade you can search for Ann Arbor apartments by location, budget, and size. Select what you need from our drop-down menus, and your ApartmentGrade search results will show you listings of apartments that meet your precise requirements. If you are looking for a more general search, ApartmentGrade also allows for a search of all the available apartments for rent in the Ann Arbor area. <p><h2>Living in Ann Arbor, MI</h2><p>With a population that hovers just over the 100,000 mark, Ann Arbor offers its visitors and residents a wide range of live music venues, cultural events, and restaurants. Ann Arbor is perhaps best known for its vibrant academic community as the home of the University of Michigan. The university has helped to shape the city’s character and economy ever since it was moved from Detroit in 1837. <p>The city’s economy is largely centered on the research being conducted by a number of high technology, biotech, and health services in association with University departments. Besides these companies, automobile manufacturers General Motors and Visteon are also key contributors to the city’s economy. The city has a well developed infrastructure, with quality public transport and efficient municipal administration. The city is well connected both internally and to other cities with surface roads, bus service, railroads, and airports. In fact, the city of Detroit is just a 45-minute drive west along the I-94. <p> One of Ann Arbor’s simplest pleasures lies in a stroll around the downtown area and the University of Michigan’s campus, which meet at South State and Liberty Streets. The twelve blocks that make up downtown Ann Arbor are likely precisely what you expect from a college town: vividly painted stores, sidewalk cafés, over 40 bookshops, and many music stores. <p> Additionally, the “Ding” on the University’s campus is a great place to enjoy fully the sense of excitement that permeates Ann Arbor. The town is blessed with two invaluable museums, the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Art. These museums carry a variety of constantly updated exhibitions and offer visitors free entry. <p> Ann Arbor has the reputation of being home to some of the finest cultural groups in the country. Some of the most prominent are the Arbor Opera Theatre, the Arbor Symphony Orchestra, the Arbor Ballet Theatre, the Ann Arbor Civic Ballet, and the Performance Network Theatre. Besides having the University of Michigan as the center of excellence for higher education in the area, the city has some of the finest primary and secondary educational institutes in the state. The University of Michigan Medical Center has also been rated as the 14th best medical facility in the country by U.S News and World Report. <p><h2>Start Finding Ann Arbor Apartments Now</h2><p> There are myriad joys to living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and when you’re living in a great apartment you’re free to enjoy them all. Let ApartmentGrade help you find the one of the many apartments for rent that’s perfect for you so that you can stop thinking about apartment issues and start thinking about the fun you can have in Ann Arbor.

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