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Portland is located 70 miles from the Pacific and is nestled beside the shimmering waters of the Willamette River near its confluence with the Columbia River. The city offers an atmosphere of big-city excitement along with small-town charm. Portland was planned with the pedestrian in mind, and casual strollers can revel in scenery that includes fountains, bridges, and parks as well as public art and statuaries. Portland is a cultural hub and is popular as a residence for many artists involved in the visual and performing arts. Portland’s residents and visitors alike enjoy the opportunities and activities that this ethnically diverse city provides. If you’re interested in staying “green,” you’ll be glad to know, as you search for an apartment there, that Portland is one of the most environmentally conscious cities in the world. </p><p> It might seem like your Portland apartment search is an uphill battle; it can be tough to find the rental information you need. However, with ApartmentGrade, you can rest easy knowing that you can search through hundreds of listings for apartments in Portland with a click of your mouse and get the real story about each rental community. Every one of our Portland apartment listings is rated honestly, accurately, and objectively in order to help make your search easier, so you can find your dream apartment quickly and easily. </p><h2> Preparing for Your Portland Apartment Search</h2><p> There are plenty of apartments available for rent in Portland, Oregon, so it’s a good idea to know a bit about what you’re looking for before you start. When you’ve got some basic criteria lined up, it’s easy for you to narrow down your apartment choices on </p><h3> Setting Your Budget</h3><p> Thinking about a budget isn’t always fun, but it’s an important step of finding an apartment to calculate how much rent you can afford. There are many ways to determine how much you can afford to set aside for your monthly rent payments, all based on your income and debt. One general rule of the thumb is to multiply your monthly income (after taxes) by 30 percent to figure out how much you can pay. If you’re more conservative, just lower this percentage to a number that you’re comfortable with. If you have any recurring expenses that are out of the ordinary, make sure to account for them while you’re making your calculations. Once you’ve got a rent range in mind, select your minimum and maximum amounts from our search options. We’ll show you just the apartments that fit into your budget, helping you to narrow down your choices to the ones that work for you. </p></h3> Picking a Portland Neighborhood</h3><p> There are a number of different kinds of neighborhoods in Portland, and each has a distinctive personality. Which neighborhood is right for you depends largely on what you want out of the area. Do you need your neighborhood in Portland to be close to your workplace so that you have a short commute? Do you want an area that has quality schools and plenty of playgrounds nearby for your children? Do you want to be near lots of shopping, entertainment, and dining options? Think about your priorities and then choose the Portland neighborhood that’s the best match. If you’ve got a specific city or zip code in mind, just type it into ApartmentGrade’s search box, choose “Only show results that match City or Zip,” and we’ll narrow down your results for you. Not sure which area of Portland is right for you? Let us show you apartments throughout the Portland metro area and you can check out the rental communities in a variety of neighborhoods. </p><h3> Just the Right Size</h3><p> The size of the apartment you’ll need in Portland will depend on the size of your family or your number of roommates, whether you frequently have guests, or if you prefer to have extra room for an office or storage. How many bedrooms or bathrooms you want to have in your apartment is both a logistical and budgetary choice. Once you’ve got a size in mind, choose the number of bedrooms and/or bathrooms you want to see in order to view only the apartment communities that offer rentals in your target size. </p><h2> Advanced Search Options from ApartmentGrade</h2><p> As a prospective renter in Portland, you’ll find the advanced search options that ApartmentGrade offers of great benefit. You can start looking for apartments by entering the location you’d prefer and then you can narrow down your results by size and rent. Filter the apartments that appear in your search results by the minimum number of bedrooms or baths that you need and by the amount of rent you’re able to pay. </p><p> Portland is a city with a lot to offer. You’ll never find a dull moment in the City of Roses, with its rich blend of culture, art, entertainment, and outdoor activities. The Green City, as Portland is also known, is a great place to live, and ApartmentGrade can help you find the perfect apartment. At ApartmentGrade, we offer accurate, credible, and objective ratings for each of our listings, making us the perfect tool for you to use during your Portland apartment search.

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