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The scores marked with the Sfr-mark-200x200 logo are from resident surveys conducted by SatisFacts , an independent third-party resident satisfaction survey firm.
If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to the wide selection of apartments for rent in St. Louis, ApartmentGrade is exactly the resource you need. At ApartmentGrade, we understand the impact that moving into a new rental can have on your life; this is why we try to make the process as simple and as painless as possible. ApartmentGrade is a one-of-a-kind website that offers you a one-stop resource to find your new apartment. Our St. Louis apartment guide helps you sort effectively through all the available apartments for rent in St. Louis because each listing on ApartmentGrade comes along with a rating that is based on surveys of current apartment community residents. When you take a look at the apartment ratings on ApartmentGrade during your search, you’ll have a clear idea of what an apartment community is really like before you even set foot in the area. </p><h2> About Our Objective and Reliable Apartment Reviews</h2><p> Unlike other apartment review websites, ApartmentGrade’s ratings for apartments in St. Louis are based on professionally collected and statistically relevant surveys of existing residents. Why is ApartmentGrade so different from other sites? Most of the apartment rating sites out there give you reviews that come from one of two sources: building owners or anonymous reviewers. Unfortunately, that means that the information they provide isn’t always trustworthy. Building owners might not provide any untrue information, but they probably don’t have much motivation to reveal any of the shortcomings their apartment communities suffer from, either. Anonymous reviewers, even when they give completely honest opinions about apartments, don’t necessarily reflect the experience that most renters have with the community. And in a worse scenario, there’s no guarantee that reviews on many sites are provided by people who have actually lived in the community they’re describing; it’s all too easy for the manager of a competing building to create unfavorable reviews for a community across the street on these types of websites. </p><p> ApartmentGrade, however, is a totally different kind of apartment rating website. Every one of our ratings is based on the opinions of real residents, gathered through professional surveys. This data is statistically relevant, so you can always trust that our ratings really reflect the experience that most residents have. Our ratings cover tenant opinions on the issues that matter most when it comes to enjoying your rental community. Renters let us know what they think about their apartments, from the condition of the building itself to how quickly the maintenance staff responds to requests for repairs. Once this data is collected, we convert all the surveys into easy-to-read star ratings that give you the real picture of a community at one glance. When you see a St. Louis apartment community with a high number of stars, you’ll know that its residents enjoy a great level of rental satisfaction. </p><h2> Advanced Apartment Search Options </h2><p>ApartmentGrade gives you valuable information about what a variety of St. Louis apartments are really like and we also give you the search options that allow you quickly and easily to find the apartments that are well suited to your lifestyle. Finding the ideal apartment in St. Louis has never been easier than it is with ApartmentGrade. </p><p> The variety of St. Louis rentals can be staggering, but plenty of these available apartments aren’t the right match for your needs. If you’re looking for a two-bedroom apartment, you can rule out the communities that only offer studios and one-bedrooms right away. And that’s just what ApartmentGrade’s advanced apartment search features allow you to do. Choose the number of bedrooms and/or bathrooms that you need, and we’ll show you only the apartment communities that offer the right size of rental. Select the rent range that fits your budget and we’ll deliver you results that match your pocketbook. </p><p> If you’ve got a specific part of the city that you want to live in, you can also narrow your search results by location. Enter the smaller city name or zip code where you’d like to live and select “Only show results that match City or Zip.” Whether you’re eager to live near the Central West End, downtown, or West County, you’ll find the apartments that meet your needs on ApartmentGrade. </p><p> These advanced search functions give you the ability to narrow down the St. Louis apartments that you’re considering. If you haven’t yet decided on exactly what you want, though, ApartmentGrade also allows you to perform a more general apartment search that shows you all the rated apartments available in the St. Louis area. </p><h2>Getting Your St. Louis Apartment Search Started</h2><p> Start searching for St. Louis apartments on ApartmentGrade now and let us help you get closer to the rental that’s a great match for you. Once you’ve found a great place to live, you’ll be ready to enjoy fully the spirit that is St. Louis.