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Looking for an apartment in St. Louis, MO? You’ve already made a great choice of location. This Missouri city has a remarkably low cost of living for all the comforts and attractions it affords. It has a small-town feel but offers all the amenities you’d expect in a major metropolitan area, including a strong business environment, excellent schools, top-notch health care, and a quality of life that has gained national recognition. <p> In addition to all else St. Louis has going for it, it’s also got plenty of apartments available for rent. Because there are so many choices, searching for St. Louis apartments can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you’re new to the area. You need plenty of information about these different apartments so that you can choose the one that’s right for you. Since it’s almost never practical to drive around to various buildings and interview current residents, many people go online for information. Unfortunately, many apartment rating websites don’t provide trustworthy data about apartments. You need a source for objective, credible apartment ratings, and you’re in the right place for it! ApartmentGrade brings you accurate apartment ratings, based on the real opinions of current residents. Start your search on ApartmentGrade now to find the best apartments in St. Louis, MO. <p><h2>About St. Louis, the Gateway to the West</h2><p> St. Louis offers its residents a number of benefits, starting with a strong business environment, friendly neighborhoods, an affordable cost of living, and a vast range of activities and entertainment. The city has been recognized as one of the “Most Affordable Places to Live Well” (Forbes), one of the “Smartest Places to Live” (Kiplinger's Personal Finance), and as a “Four-Star Quality of Life Metro” (Expansion Management). If you have school-aged children, you’ll be glad to know that St. Louis offers exceptional educational resources in the more than 90 schools that are part of the St. Louis Public School District. There is also a wealth of opportunities for higher education in the St. Louis area, including Washington University, St. Louis University, and the University of Missouri-St. Louis. As the largest community college system in the state of Missouri, St. Louis Community College produces thousands of graduates every year. <p> Many well-known American corporations have chosen St. Louis as their home, including eight Fortune 500 Companies. St. Louis is nationally known as a center for medical research, especially in the areas of medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Barnes-Jewish Hospital, in conjunction with the Washington University School of Medicine, is the fifth largest in the world. Various medical colleges and universities, along with a diverse range of local health care organizations, help the citizens of St. Louis lead a healthy life. With numerous parks, museums, and other recreational facilities at your disposal, you’ll have a lot of options for both exercise to keep you healthy and entertainment to keep you having fun. Many of these opportunities are conveniently placed together in the “Crown Jewel” of St. Louis, Forest Park. <p> <h2> Getting the Real Scoop on St. Louis Apartments </h2><p>When you’re searching for a place to live, you want to find an apartment that will provide a satisfying living experience. To this end, it’s important to learn as much as you can about each of the apartments you consider. Still, researching apartments isn’t always easy. There are plenty of apartments in St. Louis and plenty of websites that offer reviews of apartments, but many of these sites provide information based only on unsubstantiated anonymous reviews or owner-written marketing copy about apartments. ApartmentGrade is a totally different sort of apartment ratings website. We give you unbiased reviews of apartments to deliver truly accurate and relevant information about the apartments you’re considering. Our ratings of apartments in St. Louis are based on surveys conducted by unbiased third-party experts who survey current residents about the things that matter most when it comes to apartments, like the leasing experience, building condition, and maintenance responsiveness. <p><h2> How to Search for Apartments </h2><p>Searching for apartments on ApartmentGrade is easy. We have a user-friendly search tool that helps you identify the apartments that meet your needs. Just select the number of bedrooms and/or bathrooms that you need to see the apartment communities that offer apartments that are the right size. Have a specific price range in mind? Choose a minimum and maximum monthly rent to see the apartments that fit your budget. We’ll help you narrow down your apartment choices by these important factors, and then we’ll show you which of those communities have the highest levels of resident satisfaction. <p> ApartmentGrade is the ultimate search tool to help you find great apartments in St. Louis. You’re sure to love living in St. Louis, and with ApartmentGrade you can find apartments you’ll love living in, too.

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